10 Sexy Real Estate Ads You Can’t Watch At Work

Title pic of 2 eyes for 10 sexy real estate ads

Remember when real estate ads just showed old white guys in mustard colored jackets?

Well, you can kiss those days goodbye.

The current wave of high budget real estate ads are taking racy and raunchy to a whole new level. (Apparently property porn is a thing, who knew?)

From sensuous settings sure to ignite lustful desires, to scandalous story lines popping with drool-worthy eye candy, these real estate ads are designed to stir up controversy.

While most of these real estate ads unload with the stereotypical parade of half naked women, today’s lusty real estate ads have become equal opportunity offenders.

That’s right, now you can even watch buff naked dudes proudly display their wares in the kitchen.

And now for the big climax (had to say it.)

Here are the sexiest real estate ads ever:


1. Going Down Under

Sexy real estate ads from Australia featuring hot model

A helicopter, gourmet kitchen, roof-top spa and “a lingerie model tied to a chair.”

You gotta hand it to these guys for production value.

But how did she dial that phone with her hands tied behind her back?


2. Naked Guy and A Lizard

Racy real estate ad with a naked man walking around the house

Ripped naked guy making coffee: Check

Ripped naked guy working out (while naked): Check

Giant lizard watching ripped naked guy work out: Check


3. She Comes With The House

Hot real estate ads like Victoria's Secret commercials

Looking for a gaudy house haunted by a Victoria’s Secret model?

Welcome home.

And rest assured, this humble abode does come with long billowy black sheets and a giant wind machine.


4. I’m Too Sexy For My Villa

Sexy real estate ads from Italy

This is simply one of the best read estate ads of all time.

Just the right touch of lunacy, humor and sex appeal.

Highlight: When he drops his inamorata into the pool to run his hand through his hair.


5. Blackbutt Timber Floors

Real estate ads featuring scantily clad model

You can put this wannabe 80’s hair-metal video into the “shameless” category.

This raunchfest loses any charm it may have had and only shoots for shock.

But worth a laugh at the expense of creepy guys riffing on cheap and tacky innuendos.


6. Grip The Shaft Lightly

Best real estate ads featuring Playboy model golfing

This rather suggestive real estate ad gives you a different perspective on the “back nine.”

Highlight: Playboy model/golfer watches an oiled-up manly man clean a pool the size of your bathtub.

Oh, and yes, they do show a bit of the house for about 10 seconds.


7. Well Trimmed Gardens

Great real estate ad

How can you go wrong with threesome pillow fights and a lingerie wearing game of twister?

You can’t.

This titillating frolic of fun will leave you tickled pink.


8. Swipe Right

Sexy real estate commercial from Minneapolis

Take a page out of the Fifty Shades of Grey style book ( and some epic cinematography.)

Throw in a steamy Tinder hook-up.

Boom! You got yourself one of the sexiest real estate ads out there.


9. I Touch MySelf

Great real estate ad from the Gold Coast

Anybody getting that sort of creepy “Girl On The Train” vibe?

Is she talking to dead people in the sauna?

We’ll never know, but this surreal real estate ad oozes sexiness.


10. Big Pimpin’

Amazing real estate ads from Los Angeles real estate brokerage

This epic real estate ad features a dope trio from L.A. spittin’ mad rhymes and takin’ names.

“Nice square footage blow your mind out your faces.” – Real Estate Rock Stars

Big ups. Well done.

Hope you enjoyed!

Let us know if you find anymore sexy real estate ads out there in the comments section below:

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