25 Best Websites to Find Office Space for Rent

Best ways to find office space for rent

Let’s face it, trying to find office space for rent can be a royal pain.

As you probably already know, a quick search for “office space” on Google will bring up about 230 million results!

Does anyone have time to sort through all of those office leasing options?

Of course not.

That’s why we put together this helpful list of the best sites to find office space for rent.

The list includes all types of office space leasing options from office listing aggregators to shared desk sites.

But one quick note before you check them out:

Before you start your office rental search, you should make sure you know what you are looking for.

This means knowing what size office space you need, your budget, and giving yourself enough time.

So good luck. And happy hunting!


1. Craigslist

Craigslist has always been a great place to start your office space search.

You can find updated rental space listings and even barter for office space depending on your situation.

Just be on the look out for unscrupulous brokers who may tempt you with bait-and-switch tactics.


2. PivotDesk

Use Pivot Desk to rent shared office space

PivotDesk is the perfect shared office space option for start-ups or small, fast growing business that need flexibility and short term office leases.

How? By connecting you to established companies that have excess office space for rent.


3. WeWork

Use WeWork to rent coworking space

WeWork is the big enchilada when it comes to renting co-working space.

Members love the buzzing community atmosphere and I’m sure the weekly bagel and mimosa parties don’t hurt either.


4. Breather

Use Breather to rent shared space

Breather is an uber-cool startup that offers up a sort of coworking space meets Starbucks.

This mobile-first business model allows you to find comfort and privacy at the touch of a button.


5. RealMassive

Find office space for rent at RealMassive

RealMassive is a cloud-based, real-time marketplace that connects you to the most accurate and up to date office space listings.

This new approach of providing transparent access to commercial real estate data is both refreshing and long overdue.


6. 42Floors

How to find office space to rent at 42Floors

42 floors was one of the first sites aimed at making the search for office space direct and transparent for new tenants.

You will find impressive photos, listing data and access to video tours with partner View The Space.


 7. LiquidSpace

How to use LiquidSpace to find office space for rent

LiquidSpace helps you find custom-fit office workspaces from Boston to Sydney.

How custom? You can choose cool options ranging from “a cone of silence” to a “room with a view”.


 8. SpaceList

Find office space with SpaceList

Spacelist is a beautifully designed site that gathers commercial real estate listings all across Canada.

Along with tons of office space listings, you can also search for brokers to assist you with your office space search.


9. NextSpace

NextSpace shared workspace

NextSpace is creating a thriving community for independent workers.

The company has been recognized for its innovative business model that aims to galvanize the freelancing community.


 10. DesksNearMe

Find a workspace with DesksNearMe

DesksNearMe is a service that allows mobile workers to find work spaces, not just desks, in over 60 countries around the world.

The service focuses on daily, weekly and monthly needs and is perfect if you are part of the growing trend of working without a permanent home base.



Find office space in London and around the world

OFIXU is a London based office space locator that also uses an AirBnB style platform.

You are able to search for long term office leases as well as shorter term co-working spaces.


12. Copass

YouTube video of how Copass workspace sharing works

Copass calls itself the “First Global Federation of Collaborative Spaces”.

Among your many options, you can buy a membership that enables you to take advantage of 500 coworking spaces around the world.


 13. OfficeSpace

Use OfficeSpace.Com to find office space to rent

OfficeSpace is focused on smaller tenants looking for office space across the country.

After you locate a property, you can click “request details” and schedule a tour or get in contact with a tenant rep broker.


 14. HeraHub

Hera Hub offers office space for women

Hera Hub, named after the Greek goddess and protector of women, provides one-of-a-kind, spa like workspace environments for entrepreneurial women.

This innovative company started in San Diego and is quickly expanding with franchises across the country.


15. HiRise

HiRise focuses on providing you with flexibility and speed when you are trying to find office space for rent.

The fast growing company is backed by CRE giant JLL and offers up unique features like their automated occupancy planner.


16. TheSquareFoot

Find office space for rent at TheSquareFoot

TheSquareFoot is designed for prospective tenants with long term needs, usually anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

Also check out their cool features like “Space Calculator” and “Leasopedia” for office space leasing tips.


17. ShareDesk

Use ShareDesk to rent office space

ShareDesk provides you with a global network of workspace sharing options.

The company also recently released a cloud-based system called ShareDesk Optix to help you manage commercial spaces and coworking spaces.


18. RealBlender

RealBlender office space to rent

RealBlender, based in Atlanta, helps small-to-medium sized businesses find ready-to-occupy office space vacancies.

The site is super easy to navigate and is focused on making your office rental search a easy as possible.


19. ShareYourOffice

ShareYourOffice is part AirBnB and part office space dating matchmaker.

The company connects freelancers and small businesses to mini-coworking centers around the world.


20. Digsy

Think of Digsy as a sort of office space leasing concierge service.

You answer a few questions about the type of office space you need and an agent begins the search for you.


21. Hubble

Hubble is the place to go for start-ups and small businesses looking for the coolest office spaces in London.

This commercial property marketplace hopes to fill the high demand for office space with the least friction possible.


22. CityFeet

CityFeet, now part of LoopNet, provides nationwide office space listings.

The company also provides commercial real estate listing data to companies like Yahoo and The Los Angeles Times.


23. Regus

Regus has been around since 1989 and is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace.

They cover the entire gamut of office space leasing needs, from virtual office rentals to workplace recovery.


24. Rofo

Rofo provides retail, industrial and office space listings for over 4,500 U.S. cities.

Their service is designed to connect you with an experienced office space broker to then take your search off line.


25. LoopNet

LoopNet is the most visited commercial real estate listing database in the country.

The company offers both free and premium services and is better known for commercial properties listed for sale than for rent.

This list will frequently be updated to reflect the constantly changing office space market. The list is not meant as a ranking. It’s only meant to give you an easier way to narrow down your office space search.

Have some other office space finders you think we missed?

Feel free to let us know in the comments section below:

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