44 Commercial Real Estate Experts You Need In Your Life

 commercial real estate experts

Until recently, the commercial real estate industry was like a grumpy old man at a Katy Perry concert: out of touch and seriously unwilling to listen.

Thankfully, with the help of amazing commercial real estate experts like these, those days will soon go the way of the dinosaurs.

What does this mean for you?

It means things are about to get a whole lot better.

From data transparency and client relationships to new sources of commercial funding and content delivery, these CRE experts are here to guide you along the way.

Duke Long


The SAGE of CREtech | dukelong.com


A bold, in-your-face, forward-thinking, CRE juggernaut.

Duke Long is the refreshing bolt of energy that was needed in the once dry and antiquated arena of CREtech.

This CREtech titan has thrown down his proverbial gage, swept away staid commercial real estate mores, and bridged the generational divide.

Digital Commercial Real Estate Manifesto

What Are The 10 Biggest Tech Problems In Commercial Real Estate?

Barbi Reuter


COO Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR


Ms. Reuter is quite possibly the most influential commercial real estate expert on the planet.

Her impact through social media, along with unparalleled leadership skills, simply can’t be quantified.

If she isn’t on your radar yet (which truly seems impossible), make sure she is before you finish reading this.

barbi reuter video1

josh dorkin of biggerpockets


Founder | Biggerpockets.com


Josh Dorkin understands what kind of information real estate investors need.

He has an infectious enthusiasm that has enabled him to create what is fast becoming a must visit destination for CRE networking and community building.

Congrats to Josh and his team at Biggerpockets.com on recently reaching 1,000,000 unique monthly visitors. Well done.

joshua dorkin video1


coy davidson


The Tenant Advisor | coydavidson.com


Coy Davidson is the absolute authority when it comes to office space and healthcare property advice.

He is currently Senior Vice President at Colliers International and founder of The Tenant Advisor, one of the most informative commercial real estate blogs you could ever hope to find.

His inexhaustible knowledge and unique perspective set him in the pantheon of commercial real estate experts.

3 Trends in Commercial Real Estate to Watch

Linda Day Harrison


Founder of theBrokerList.com


Linda Day Harrison is a bona fide commercial real estate problem solver.

She’s dynamic, determined and dedicated to making CRE simpler and more efficient.

Her flagship, theBrokerList.com, connects brokers, building managers, and any commercial real estate pros that need timely information.

11 Benefits theBrokerList Provides the CRE Industry

Adam Neumann


Co-Founder | WeWork.com

A sort of office space mystic, WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann has helped create what he calls a “physical social network.”

Growing up on a kibbutz taught this new-day entrepreneur that a modern community needs to reward individual effort.

His vision is for something far beyond providing tenants with bandwidth and beer (that’s for another story.) He has set out to create a community that inspires people to do what they love.

adam newmann video1

sarah malcom


Digital Strategy at ICSC


Mrs. Malcolm is a buzz-creating, effervescent-voiced, Social Media powerhouse that is quite simply, awesome.

Her innovative marketing ideas have garnered a mountain of accolades and established ICSC as a leader in all things Social Media.

A true CREtech pioneer, Mrs. Malcolm has created the blueprint for all CRE pros to follow.

Social Media and Best Practices

Allen C. Buchanan


CRE Broker | Allencbuchanan.com


Based out of Southern California, Allen C. Buchanan has established himself as the benchmark whom other brokers can only aspire to reach.

His myriad of skills? It’s hard to know where to start: Industrial/Warehouse property wizard, negotiation specialist, noted writer/blogger and CRE social media pioneer-just to name a few.

And don’t forget to check out his weekly gems on “Tuesday Traffic Tips.”

Allen buchanan video1

Michael Beckerman


 Founder | TheNewsFunnel.com


Like many of our CRE experts, Michael Beckerman is a born problem solver.

As the head of his own PR firm, he quickly recognized that real estate professionals were desperate for a more efficient form of news delivery.

The News Funnel does just that. All the CRE news you need, from market research to your favorite blogs, now in one place.

“What The Hell Were You Thinking?”

Kara Wetzel




If it impacts commercial real estate, you can be sure Kara Wetzel is the first to know about it.

A Master multitasker, creative-thinker and brimming with real estate acumen, Ms. Wetzel is the engine behind Bloomberg’s commercial real estate coverage.

Her dynamic mix of skills make her a CRE source to be reckoned with.

Kara Wetzel Bloomberg Articles

Michael Bull


Founder & Host | CREshow.com


Michael Bull has taken commercial real estate to the masses.

His nationally syndicated, CRE Radio Show, features insights and answers from the biggest hitters in the business.

As a broker, he has closed over $3 billion in transactions and is now a much touted writer and commercial real estate advisor.

michael bull video1

chris clark


Founder | CREOutsider.com


Ms. Clark has a true affinity for all things CREtech.

Her experience as an information/technology consultant allows her to deliver a unique and invaluable perspective on the ever evolving commercial real estate environment.

A straight forward, call-it-like-it-is style that both entertains and enlightens.

Disrupting CRE – It’s a Matter of Trust

katherine clarke


Real Estate Editor| N.Y. Daily News


Sprightly, spirited and sharp, Ms. Clarke has a unique talent for delivering NYC commercial/residential stories that you actually care about.

From mega development leasing deals to eye-popping celebrity home prices, her writing skills always deliver.

katherine clarke video1

Brandon Weber


CEO & Co-founder | Hightower


Up until recently, commercial real estate technology was basically living in the dark ages. Not anymore.

Brandon’s background as both computer scientist/commercial leasing broker has allowed him to bring commercial real estate leasing into the future.

Look for big things to come from this rising star.

brandon weber video1

Vivian Marino journalist


Award winning journalist | N.Y. Times


If you don’t follow Vivian and her “30-Minute Interview”, than you are missing out.

Her knowledge and connections provide you with access to today’s most influential figures in commercial real estate.

A Conversation with Jared C. Kushner

Joe Stampone


Cre blogger | VP Atlas R.E. Partners


Are you hungry to succeed?

 Joe Stampone is a commercial real estate expert who will inspire you.

His actionable advice and passion for the CRE industry have quickly made him a name to know.

A Student of the Real Estate Game

Alison Beddard


Director with Cushman & Wakefield | CREW Network Connector


As a leading commercial office broker, Ms. Beddard’s accomplishments are beyond praiseworthy.

Upwards of $100,000,000 in closings all while solely being focused on putting her client’s needs first.

Her altruistic nature shines through as board member and hard working connector for the CREW Network.

alison beddard video1

roxanna asgarian


CRE Reporter | Houston Business Journal


Ms. Asgarian has an upbeat and charismatic voice that jumps off the pages at you.

Her deep understanding of the commercial real estate markets allows her to drill down, on a granular level, and extract the most pertinent CRE news stories.

Helpful topics include the newest in CREtech to actionable property leasing tips.

roxanna houston business journal

Top Houston developer: Building for Millennials is overhyped

Commercial real estate playing catch-up with technology

Michael Mandel


Co-founder | CEO CompStak


A deep, analytic thinker, Michael Mandel is challenging the CRE industry giants with a new way of approaching data.

As a former commercial real estate broker (Grubb & Ellis National Rookie of the Year), Mandel knew things could be done far more efficiently.

Used by brokers, appraisers, investors and lenders, CompStak embraces a crowd-sourced, scalable business model to gather and distribute data.

michael mandel video1

Nathan Donato Weinstein


CRE Reporter | Silicon Valley Business Journal


Nate Donato-Weinstein breaks CRE news from the hottest commercial real estate market on the planet, Silicon Valley.

His editorial acumen and ability to break down complex topics sets him far above the competition.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask him about his obsession with Commodore Computers.

Silicon Valley commercial real estate market continues to hum

 Jason Freedman


Co-founder | 42 Floors


Jason Freedman considers himself a “data liberator.”

The idea for 42 Floors grew from a conversion he had with his girlfriend about the drudgery of trying to find office space.

He’s a straight forward, pull no punches CEO, ready to bring transparency to the masses.

jason freedman video1

Sarah Mulholland of Bloomberg News


CRE Reporter |Bloomberg


Ms. Mulholland provides an easy to understand voice in the often perplexing world of big-time commercial real estate.

Whether it’s heavy hitting developers, the inside skinny on juicy deals or the latest CMBS breakdowns, she has you covered.

sarah mulholland article

Foreign Money Is Pouring Into U.S. Real Estate, And it’s Not Just Houses

Andrew Bermudez


Co-founder & CEO | Digsy


Hi-energy, hyper focused and hugely ready to succeed.

Andrew Bermudez is the brains behind Digsy, a new platform where brokers and business owners can connect to find commercial space.

His mantra: “Focus, focus, focus – only spend time on what is pivotal to your business.”

Qualified Leads for CRE (Finally!)

Daniel Geiger


Sr. Reporter | Crain’s NY Business


From Brooklyn to Midtown South, Daniel Geiger has been plugged into the NY commercial real estate scene for over 10 years.

He is credited with bring Real Estate Weekly into the modern age by being one of the first CRE reporters to recognize the power and reach of social media.

His interviews provide you with exclusive news from all of CRE’s major movers and shakers.

Daniel Geiger Video1

Faith Hope Consolo


The Queen of Retail #CRE


Where should we begin?

Faith Hope Consolo has been a pioneer of retail globalization, brought Times Square back from the abyss, is Chairman of Prudential Douglas Elliman’s Retail Group and is an ineffable inspiration to women in all industries, not just commercial real estate.

Not enough?

She is also the founder of ICSC Women’s Special Industry Group, a noted philanthropist and marketing master.

Faith Hope Consolo video1

Bo Barron


CRE Coach | BoBarron.com


Commercial real estate expert? No, more like CRE expert extraordinaire.

This former CRE broker and VP at Sperry Van Ness has conquered all vistas:

CRE coach for Massimo Group, popular speaker, start-up consultant, CRE syndicator, content marketing expert, social media icon…

3 Ways to Build Your Prospecting Database

Dianne Crocker


Principal Analyst | EDR Insight


Ms. Crocker has taken CRE number crunching to a new level.

As principal analyst at EDR Insight, she has become the go-to expert on environmental due diligence trends in commercial real estate.

She offers truly stunning insights on risk management and the state of the CRE industry.

EDR Insight: Five Strategies of Winning Firms

roger vincent


CRE Reporter | Los Angeles Times


Roger provides a unique perspective on commercial real estate in the Los Angeles area.

His in-depth reporting allows you to get a genuine feel for the current pulse of the commercial property market.

L.A. Times real estate

 U.S. Bank Tower owner plans to build a rooftop observatory for tourists

Hi-rise loandlords respond to retro-cool buildings luring L.A. tenants

brandon turner of biggerpockets


VP of Growth | Biggerpockets.com


At the young age of 21, Brandon Turner profited from his first real estate investment and hasn’t looked back since.

As VP of marketing and communications, he is the face of the widely influential Biggerpockets.com, host of their #1 rated real estate podcast and a ubiquitous presence on the web.

His much sought after tips have been featured on the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com and countless others.

Brandon Turner video1

Eliot Brown


CRE Reporter | Wall Street Journal


Eliot Brown provides a fresh mix of insightful analytics, unassuming confidence and a solid knack for knowing what matters most in commercial real estate.

He is a frequent guest commentator or Wall Street Journal Live and has a firm grasp on N.Y. politics.

From the latest developments in fast growing communal office space trends, to uncovering the next billion dollar transactions, Mr. Brown always delivers.

Eliot Brown Article

Now Worth $10 Billion, Is WeWork a 2000 Redux?

Susan Piperato


Managing Editor | NREI’S Green Real Estate Strategies


When it comes to commercial real estate sustainability and green investment, Ms. Piperato is there to provide answers.

Her daily “10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry” should be added to your bookmarks.

Green real estate

The Greening Of Leasing

10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today

Diane Danielson


COO | Sperry Van Ness


Is there anything Diane Danielson can’t do?

We think not.

COO of operations for SVN, charismatic speaker, noted contributor to Forbes and the New York Times, founder of the Downtown’s Women Club, champion of the CREW Network, social media dominator…

And did we mention, somehow she had time to write two books.

Diane Danielson1

Nick Romito


Founder & CEO | View The Space


Along with his love for surfing, Nick Romito is now enjoying the thrill of riding the rising CREtech wave.

His rapidly growing start-up, View The Space, is attracting clients like Vornado as well as big-time investors like Blackstone Investment Group.

Nick Romito video1

Lindsay Machak


CRE Reporter/Editor | Multifamilyexecutive.com


Need to know what’s going on in Mulitfamily?

Look no further. Lindsay Machak is seriously dialed in.

She is somehow able to seamlessly transition from the impact of millennials on multifamily trends to the inner workings of Multifamily finance.

What Millennials Want, and Where They Want It

Top 10 States for Seniors Housing Construction

Pierce Neinken


West Coast Solutions CBRE | Founder CRE //Tech


If anybody is ready to lead commercial real estate into the next chapter of data-driven decision making, Pierce Neinken is the man.

Along with his post at CBRE, he is also the brains behind CRE // Tech Intersect, a bi-annual tech symposium that was designed to start a larger conversation about how technology will soon change the industry.

Pierce Neinken has seen the future. Now it’s your turn.

Pierce Neinken video1

 David Levitt


CRE Reporter | Bloomberg


David Levitt is the quintessential commercial real estate reporter.

His unmatched coverage of the World Trade Center, as well as CRE during the great recession, has garnered him praise and admiration from all corners of the industry.

Be sure to visit him on twitter for a mix of sharp wit and the most up-to-the-minute, breaking news stories.

WeWork Brooklyn Project Gets Backing from Big Developers

David M. Levitt Articles

Michael Lagazo


CRE Growth Builder | Twitter Master


Based out of San Diego, CA, Michael Lagazo has become a commercial real estate force to be reckoned with.

He is a Sr. Advisor at Sperry Van Ness, Manager for ALDI, master of business growth for retail, hospitality and office and a veritable wizard on Twitter.

In fact, his Twitter feed might be the only source of news you’ll ever need…

Retail real estate in the digital age: A conversation with Michael Lagazo

Interview with Dr. Sam Chandan, Wharton School

Michelle J Mcfee




Michelle McFee has a super talent for distilling difficult CRE topics and making them clear for her readers.

She was honored as the best business reporter in Ohio by the state Associated Press Society and was recently awarded with the 2015 Gold award for “Best Commercial Real Estate Story in a Daily Newspaper” from NAREE.

Judging by her Twitter profile, you may not want to challenge her to a bike race.

Michelle J. McFee Posts

Howard Kline




Howard Kline is probably the most well connected figure in all of commercial real estate.

Whether he’s interviewing Lori Kilburg of the CREW Network or discussing the state of the economy with Steve Forbes, the information he provides is second to none.

You are guaranteed to enjoy his friendly approach and vast supply of CRE knowledge.

howard kline video1

josefina wiredscore


Marketing Director | WiredScore


Ms. Rodriguez is making sure you are well connected, your office building that is.

Along with her bevy of marketing skills, she also works closely with company co-founder, Arie Barendrecht, to help educate the CRE community about WiredScore’s many benefits.

In partnership with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, WiredScore offers the first ever Wired Certification program.

The 4 Numbers Tenants Want to Know Before Leasing

Keith Auten


CRE Broker | Multifamily


Keith R. Auten could write the definitive book on Multifamily, in his sleep.

He runs what he calls “a small time boutique brokerage” in Texas, but don’t let the title fool you, he is a Multifamily powerhouse.

Unlike many in his field, he has taken social media by the horns and now provides us with a steady stream of amazing insights.


mariel ebrahimi


Co-Founder | DisruptCRE.com


Part of the new breed of commercial real estate pros, Ms. Ebrahimi is focused on writing the next chapter for CREtech.

Her passion? Urban Sustainability and disruptive innovations.

Along with DisruptCRE producer, Stephen Hopkins, she has set out change how we immerse ourselves in commercial environments.

mariel ebrahimi video1

Ryan Dennis


CRE Cloud Based Expert | Ryandennislive.com


Ryan Dennis wants to make your life easier and more efficient.

He is at the forefront of next generation thinkers: A CREtech disupter, ready to make commercial buildings smarter.

Now at Genea, a company boasting clients like CBRE and JLL, Mr. Dennis is quickly becoming a name to watch in CREtech.

ryan dennis video1


Jilliene Helman




Just one listen and it will become abundantly clear, Ms. Helman is far beyond driven.

This 28 yr. old, crowdfunding rock star, was named Crowdfunding CEO of the year, featured on Forbes 30 under 30 and has been featured everywhere from CNBC to Bloomberg.

Will she be the CRE lending game changer? Should be fun to watch and find out.

jillien helman video1

This is just a small taste of the amazing men and women who are currently changing the face of commercial real estate.

Who are the others that influence you the most?

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  1. Totally flattered to be included with some of my favorite CRE folks on this list and looking forward to getting to know more about the rest of the list! Love the write-ups (those are some fun bio’s to read and spot on in many of the cases).

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