5 Commercial Real Estate Blogs That Don’t Suck



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Most commercial real estate blogs suck. And I mean suck big-time.

Even our own blog isn’t much to look at. Yeah, we have a couple of entertaining posts here and there, but in general, not so much.

Some of you are probably grumbling right now about how hard your CRE company’s blog rocks. Sorry to tell you, odds are high that is sucks.

None of us care about how many times you can mention millennials in a post about office plants. Or about how to motivate our CRE team with Zen (maybe just hire talented people and pay them well?)

And yeah, we get it, we need new ways to gather data and connect and enter the digital age and blah, blah, blah.

What we really need is some actual knowledge or at least some better than average entertainment.

Enough of this worthless dribble. Let’s get to the good stuff…

Here are 5 commercial real estate blogs that are actually worth reading:

1. PropertyMetrics

property metrics commercial real estate blog


Something is clearly wrong with the guys over at Property Metrics.

Why in the world would anyone give away so much phenomenal information for free?

From breaking down commercial lease clauses to understanding equity waterfall models, the Property Metrics blog is in a class by itself.


2. C-Loans

c-loans commercial real estate

Every year we see countless lists celebrating the “best” CRE blogs. And every year I am stunned to find that George Blackburne’s blog is not on them.

How is that possible?

George Blackburne has been serving up priceless commercial real estate loan information for over 10 years! To say he is prolific would be a gross understatement.

The best part?

No BS. No existential nonsense. He tells it like it is.

The result?

Readers get a commercial loan education that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Check out “how to close a commercial construction loan” and see what I mean.


3. cre.tech

cre.tech commercial real estate


If you want to see the future of commercial real estate, look no further.

Cre.tech is THE source for forward-thinking commercial real estate technology information.

Travis Barrington has gathered a top-shelf team to help you uncover CRE trends long before they happen.

You’ll discover start-ups like TheSquareFoot, hear from gurus like Duke Long, and learn about the new age workplace.


4. BiggerPockets

Biggerpockets commercial real estate


Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner have created an amazing community (over 600,000 members!) for commercial real estate investors to make deals, find partners and get educated.

The BP CRE blog is the number one source to find info on apartment building and multifamily property investing.

You get invaluable lessons from CRE pros who have real life skin-in-the-game.


5. theBrokerList

the broker list commercial real estate


Imagine if you could get awesome information/opinions from the top pros in the commercial real estate community. All in one place.

That would be genius, huh?

Well, looks like Linda Day Harrison is a genius!

Enjoy daily blog posts from CRE experts like Allen C. Buchanan, LeaseQuery, and Hightower.