Commercial Hard Money Loans

commercial hard money loans

Whista provides access to commercial hard money lenders who specialize in commercial hard money loans nationwide.

Commercial hard money loans are asset-based loans used for investment property and non-owner occupied properties. Hard money loans are usually short term and have higher interest rates than conventional mortgage loans.

Lenders make commercial hard money loans using many factors including:

LOAN-TO-VALUE – how much you need to borrow relative to what your property is worth

YOUR FINANCIAL PROFILE – this may include credit worthiness as well as judgments, liens or tax issues

SPEED – rates and lending options may change depending on how fast you need access to funds


We Work With The Top Commercial Hard Money Lenders

Along with a vast network of private funding sources, Whista also works with the nations top commercial hard money lenders to provide you with the most robust lending choices.

Kennedy Funding


Riverdale Funding


Athas Capital




When should you use a hard money loan?

There are many reasons borrowers turn to commercial private lenders, including:

1. Issues with bad credit

2. Complex loan when you need to blanket or cross collateralize multiple properties

3. Trying to avoid foreclosure

4. Foreign national

5. Quick cash-out or partnership buyout

6. Commercial construction bridge loan



Current Commercial Hard Money Loan Rates

Commercial hard money borrowers should also be prepared to pay higher interest rates. That’s because hard money loans carry inherently more risk than conventional loans.


6.00% – 10.00%*

Soft money commercial property loans have higher rates than more traditional financing like SBA and CMBS property loans. But lower than hard money loans.


10.00% – 18.00%*

Hard money loans have the highest interest rates of any commercial loan option. Unlike conventional loans that are pegged to the WSJ Prime Rate + a certain percentage.


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