List Of Hard Money Lenders In Texas

Hard Money Lenders In Texas

This is an up-to-date list of hard money lenders in Texas. 

You will find private money and hard money lenders from Dallas to Houston. Other cities with hard money lenders include San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth.


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This extensive list includes Texas hard money lenders that provide financing for both residential and commercial real estate.

Hard Money Lenders In Texas:


Private lender located in San Antonio. Direct hard money lender focusing on borrowers who are unable to obtain normal bank financing.

Investmark Mortgage

Texas hard money lender that provides terms up to 36 months with highly competitive pricing structure.

Corridor Funding

Austin based hard money lender focusing on fix and flips and new construction.

DJ Jordan Properties

Dj Jordan Properties provides investment loans in both California and Texas. Lending cities include Houston, Dallas and El Paso.


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AISC Lending Services

AISC is located in North Richland Hills. They specialize in hard money rehab loans.

Sherman Bridge Lending

Hard money lender based out of Irving, Texas. Provides hard money loans for real estate investors.

Noble Mortgage & Investments

Noble is located in Houston. They also provide hard money funding in Dallas, San Antonio and and Austin. Both residential and commercial hard money loans are available.

Park Place Funding

Park Place is a hard money lender located in Austin, Texas. They provide short-term loans that lower an investors out of pocket costs for closings and repairs.

Little City Investments

Austin hard money lender providing hard money for flippers, builders, and investors who need short term financing.

Loan Ranger Capital

Texas hard money lender providing all types of short term lending from Abilene to Wichita Falls.

Capital For Real Estate

Houston hard money lender provides residential and commercial loans from $100,000 up to $3,000,000.

Streamline Funding

Texas lender that offers many residential hard money loan options. Hard money loans for bridge, construction, cash-out and acquisition.

Bay Mountain Capital

Dallas based hard money lender providing funding for multifamily, commercial and land.

Jet Lending

Jet Lending is based in Houston. Loan types include temp to perm, single close rental, and wholesale.

Equity Secured Capital

Texas hard money lender since 1990. Direct private hard money bridge loans secured by commercial and investment properties.

Longhorn Investments

Dallas based hard money lender that provides loans for single family residential investments.

Urban Coyote Funding

Hard money loans in Austin, San Antonio, Waco and many other Texas cities.

Do Hard Money

Short term funding in many states including Texas.

Stallion Funding

Austin based private money real estate lender.

CCG Capital

Asset based loans for commercial and non-owner occupied. Located in Austin.

First Funding

Hard money lender located in Bedford, Texas. Residential and commercial properties.


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