The 21 Best Commercial Real Estate Blogs On The Planet

Best Commercial Real Estate Blogs

As you probably know, the commercial real estate industry is going through a major transformation.

The seismic shifts in CREtech, financing and the way we all communicate are happening so fast it can seem nearly impossible to keep up.

But don’t panic!

I’m confident this list of the best commercial real estate blogs on the planet will point you in the right direction.

Please note, this is meant to give you a solid starting point, by no means are these the only CRE blogs you should follow.

My goal was to find the ones that have their own unique voice, provide truly actionable content and have earned the respect of the greater commercial real estate community.

As you will soon discover, the lines between traditional news sites and blogs have been greatly blurred. So don’t be confused to find a few of them on this list.

Whether you are a commercial real estate broker, investor, developer, CRE junkie or a self proclaimed guru, there is something here for everyone.

Hope you enjoy!


Bigger Pockets

Joshua Dorkin and his team have created an amazing real estate social network where investors can get real world advice from experienced pros.

From how to avoid the most common Multifamily investing pitfalls to how to get started buying office buildings, they have left no stone unturned.

Be sure to visit their commercial real estate forums to keep up on the most recent trending CRE topics.

Who to follow: Joshua Dorkin @jrdorkin & Brandon Turner @BrandonAtBP

Biggerpockets blog


In the world of commercial real estate news, BISNOW is the total package.

They have the magic touch when it comes to going beyond the numbers and getting to what really matters: the people behind the numbers.

Breaking commercial real estate news, access to the industry’s biggest influencers and one of the best website designs out there.

Who to follow: Elliot Golan @ElliotGolan , Ethan Rothstein @BisnowEthan & Bisnow @bisnow

BISNOW commercial real estate

Property Shark

From New York to San Francisco, the Property Shark Blog delivers a well balanced mix of commercial & residential news for all types of real estate pros.

Talented authors like Roxana Baiceanu (check out her articles page) make it a fun source to visit each week.

Who to follow: Property Shark @PropertyShark

Property Shark

Property Metrics

Looking for actionable advice on how to purchase, sell and value commercial real estate?

Well, look no further.

From how to put together a Proforma, to how to calculate Net Operating Income, the amount of info provided here is simply astounding.

Who to follow: Property Metrics @propertymetrics

Property Metrics website

Inc. Magazine Commercial Real Estate

Where else can you find advice from experts like Barbara Corcoran, inside tips for negotiating a land deal or the truth about CRE appraisals all in the same place?

A must visit destination if you have any interest in commercial real estate or running your own business.

And don’t miss the annual “World’s Coolest Offices” feature by the uber-talented and ever enchanting Mrs. Christine Lagorio-Chafkin.

Who to follow: Inc. @Inc & Christine Lagorio @lagorio

Inc. Magazine commercial real estate

How can you cut through all the clutter out there and find the real diamonds of the CREtech world?

Luckily, you don’t have to do the work, the brilliant team at have done it for you.

Find out which technologies to adopt, how to understand big data strategy and who will be next to disrupt CRE all before you’ve had your morning coffee.

Who to follow: @cretech & Travis Barrington @travbarrington blog

The Tenant Advisor

So wait, you mean Coy Davidson, Colliers mega CRE talent, gives away his advice for free?

Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Popular posts like “Financial Analysis as a Lease Negotiation Tool” & “Understanding the Common Area Factor” have made Mr. Davidson’s blog an indispensable source for anyone involved with healthcare property or office space needs.

Who to follow: The Tenant Advisor  @CoyDavidsonCRE

The Tenant Advisor blog

Hughes Marino

When it comes to commercial real estate, Hughes Marino is the absolute top shelf of tenant representation.

Based out of San Diego, CEO Jason Hughes and his team have put together one of the finest CRE sites out there.

Along with the always helpful HM blog and resources page, be sure to check out Shay Hughes and her “Lead From Within” blog for even more great insights.

Who to follow: Hughes Marino @HughesMarino , Shay Hughes @shayslife & Ashley Pingree Lewis @AshleyJPL

Hughes Marino commercial real estate

CRE Radio

Look up “Gold Standard” in the commercial real estate dictionary and you will find Howard Kline’s CRE Radio.

Far beyond a traditional blog (it’s really more like watching a top-rated, prime-time news channel!), Mr. Kline grants you access to information that is simply not available anywhere else.

Visit now for exclusive interviews, amazing personalities, sage insights and a commercial real estate icon that is leading the industry to the next level.

Who to follow: CRE Radio & TV @CREradio

CRE Radio

The Real Deal

If you have anything to do with commercial real estate, The Real Deal should be mandatory reading each and every day.

Editor-in-chief, Stuart Elliott, has an amazing knack for delivering the most relevant, timely and impactful CRE stories out there.

Exclusive content like this informative Crowdfunding video make it all the more of a must visit destination.

Who to follow: Stuart Elliott @StuartwElliott , Amir Korangy @mrkorangy , Kerry Barger @kerrybarger & Jill Gardiner Noonan @jill_noonie

The Real Deal Magazine

Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bull has done the seemingly impossible: made commercial real estate entertaining!

His industry wide connections and innate talent for delivering CRE content with real substance make the CRE Show a cut above the rest.

Check out the “Answers” section for a treasure trove of CRE information.

Who to follow: CREshow @CRE_show  & Michael Bull @BullRealty

Michael Bull commercial real estate


Raise your retail flags high and salute the International Council of Shopping Centers!

With over 70,000 members strong, the ICSC has created an indispensable resource for education, community building and economic growth.

Visit the Center of Shopping Blog to meet many of the top members and gain valuable tips.

Who to follow: Julie Augustyn @JMAugustyn , Michael @Michael_MBA , Sarah Malcolm @MrsSarahMalcolm , Diana Podaski @DiPodaski & Jesse Tron @TronJesse

ICSC blog

Allen Buchanan Location Advice

Imagine being able to sit down with one of the most successful CRE brokers in the world and being able to pick his brain.

Would be amazing, right?

No problem. Mr. Buchanan, California’s tenant rep expert, imparts his sage advice and then some.

Who to follow: Allen C. Buchanan @allencbuchanan

Allen Buchanan Location Advice

The CREW Network

The CREW Network is simply awesome.

These brilliant women have transcended the world of commercial real estate and created something truly special.

Visit their home page for the latest CREW developments as well as the individual chapter blogs for even more great content.

Who to follow: The CREW Network @CREW_Network , Barbi Reuter @BarbiReuter , Alison Beddard @AlisonBeddard , Lori Kilberg @lorikilberg , CREW Atlanta @crewatlanta  ,CREW Baltimore @CREWBaltimore & CREW L.A. @socialcrewla

The CREW Network

CRE Outsider

The CRE Outsider represents all the things that a top industry blog should be: unique, edifying and just plain fun to read.

Chris Clark serves up her own satisfying blend of personal experience and thought provoking ideas.

Check out “Disrupting CRE – It’s a Matter of Trust” to see just what I mean.

Who to follow: Chris Clark @CREOutsider

CRE outsider blog

Commercial Property Executive

Clearly established as a best of breed for the commercial real estate industry, CPE always delivers.

You will find it to be a goldmine for discovering amazing executive profiles as well as timely CRE commentary.

Along with the elegant new format, Editorial Director Suzann D. Silverman always keeps the content fresh and inviting.

Who to follow: CPExecutive @CPExecutive , Ioana Neamt @ioana_neamt , Vera Grecu @VeraGrecu & Helena Sky @HelenaBlueSky

Commercial Property Executive


Inspirational, engaging and always authentic.

One visit to Bo Barron’s blog and you will not only become a better CRE professional, but a better person all together.

Taking his cue from the brilliant CRE pro, Rod Santomassimo, Mr. Barron has now become a vital source to turn to for maximizing your personal and professional development.

Who to follow: Bo Barron @BoBarronCCIM

Bo Barron Blog


Along with providing the best deal-level data for property price comparisons, COMPSTAK has a blog that needs to be added to your CRE reading list.

Ever wonder how many Footlongs that Subway has to sell to pay its rent?

Or how many pounds of carrots Whole Foods would have to sell to pay theirs?

Compstak has the answers and a whole lot more.

Who to follow: Compstak @CompStak & Michael Mandel @CompStakCEO

Compstak blog

Cushman & Wakefield

Barbi Reuter is part of it?


Ok, I’m in.

Follow all of the great CW blogs from around the country: CW Los Angeles, CW Atlanta, CW SF , CW Dallas & Picor Blog

Who to follow: Cushman & Wakefield @CushWake & Barbi Reuter @BarbiReuter

cushman & wakefield

The Broker List

You probably already know about the tremendous community Linda Harrison has put together with tBL, but have you seen the blog?

Well, you need to!

It features an all star lineup of CRE big hitters who provide the best expert guest posts you will find anywhere.

With posts like “The anatomy of a lease deal” & “Hiring the right CRE team members”, how can you go wrong?

Who to follow: Linda Harrison @dayharrison & theBrokerList @theBrokerList

The Broker List

Commercial Observer

From urban planning to the latest juice on the CMBS market, Commercial Observer has you covered.

Award winning journalists like Lauren Elkies Schram and  Damian Ghigliotty bring you the real scoop behind all the numbers.

Unique content like “The Great Debate Between Designing Your Own Space Or Letting Your Landlord Worry About It” will keep you coming back.

Who to follow: Lauren Elkies Schram @LaurenESchram , Damian Ghigliotty @dghigliotty , Terence Cullen @TerenceReports & CO @commobserver

Commercial Observer

Sperry Van Ness

Listen, if Diane Danielson writes for a blog, than that is all you really need to know.

Along with the newest happenings at one of the premiere commercial real estate firms in the country, the SVN blog has a ton of great industry insights.

Think you have what it takes to be a “CRE Brokerage Superstar”? Visit SVN to find out.

Who to follow:  Diane Danielson @DianeDanielson , Sperry Van Ness @SVNIC , Melissa Buck @melissajbuck  & Julia Taibl @JuliaTaibl

Sperry Van Ness

Duke Long

Duke Long provides you with a great mix of thought provoking content, experienced platform reviews and a heaping dose of unbridled charisma.

No one is more plugged-in to what is happening with the future of CREtech.

Sit back and enjoy, I know you’ll be hooked after your first taste.

Who to follow: Duke Long @dukelong

duke long blog

Have a favorite commercial real estate blog that didn’t make our list?

Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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  2. Thanks for the shout out! We take great care in crafting informative and interesting content for the Hughes Marino blog, and it’s an honor to be listed among so many other great bloggers.

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