Commercial Hard Money
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Commercial hard money, fast.

Don’t let time constraints derail your opportunities. From refinance cash outs to fast approaching note payoffs, Whista has the experience needed to quickly get you funded. 

No matter what your situation.

Your lender just backed out
We have the resources to quickly find replacement funding. 
Your current note is due
Hard money solutions for you to beat high pressure  time constraints. 
Your LTV is too low
Cross collateralize other properties to avoid a short fall in equity. 
Quick cash out needed
You may benefit from a substantial bank discount, 1031 exchange or property upgrades.
Construction & Development 
Bridge financing for site work, working capital and to carry a project through stabilization.
Difficult financing history
Don’t lose out on opportunities because of previous bankruptcies or foreclosures.

Now take a fresh approach
 to commercial bridge loans.

Talk to your own hard money loan expert.
Avoid the major mistakes that delay closings and cost you a bunch of money.
Custom tailor a loan to actually fit your bridge loan needs.
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