About Us

WHISTA is a full service, nationwide Commercial Mortgage Financing Company located in Southern California.

We founded Whista with the belief that finding a commercial loan needed to be made simple. Imagine attempting to design, build and decorate a home without a contractor or an architect. 

Getting a commercial mortgage loan is no different. A highly skilled commercial mortgage broker becomes an invaluable guide to lead a borrower through the daunting loan approval process. 

While most borrowers have had plenty of experience with residential and auto loans, commercial loans can be a much different animal. Whether through a traditional bank or an alternative lender, long term relationships are what matter. 

Whista founder Kevin Isaacs has been cultivating those relationships with commercial lenders for over 15 years. After building a successful mortgage brokerage, Kevin realized that there was no centralized place for borrowers to find the right lender. Now you can let the experts at Whista be your guides. 

The value we provide goes far beyond dollars and cents. Kevin and his team are here to make your experience a comfortable one. 

We do this by guiding you through your loan’s progress so you know exactly what to expect at every stage of the approval process. Spending time and care listening to your individual needs allows us to find a lender that best suits your unique situation.

You can reach us seven days a week for any questions at 1-310-925-6583.

Whenever you need us, we’re here.